Global Positioning System in C-SCAN


The C-SCAN 2010 System has a fully integrated built-in global positioning capability. The accurate longitude and latitude of every survey location can be recorded and displayed and will appear in the survey report. The ‘straight line’ distance from any previously stored survey location will be automatically calculated and displayed and if required, can be entered into the calculation of ‘signal attenuation’ over each section of line. This can be over-ridden by the operator who can enter another value for ‘distance’ if required (surveying round corners, bends, etc).

The GPS data (longitude and latitude) can also be recorded for individual faults located during a survey. This will assist subsequent monitoring or rapid excavation and repair if required.

The GPS information is downloaded from the worldwide GPS satellite network using the C-SCAN 2010’s built-in GPS antenna and processed using Dynalog’s proprietary software.

Positional accuracy is 2 metres (6.5ft). This information can be acquired rapidly and is generally sufficient for most purposes.

A standard hand-held GPS system can be connected to the C-SCAN 2010 unit provided a suitable interface is available. Depending on the characteristics of the GPS unit being used, positional data can then be downloaded to the detector and incorporated into the data record.