SCOTLAND - Normal Transmission Pipeline Survey

- survey of buried transmission pipelines to monitor changes in the condition of the wrap or coating ...

Survey of a buried pipeline in Scotland belonging to a major oil company. The line was less than 2 years’ old and this section had only recently been surveyed, using traditional ‘ground contact’ methods which necessitated walking the entire length. 2 faults had been located but not yet repaired.

After setting up the
Signal Generator, 5.5km of pipeline were surveyed in less than 2 hours. This included current attenuation surveys of each section to determine general condition, printing a survey report, and the location of faults on those sections shown to have high attenuation readings. The total distance actually walked in the survey was less than 500 metres.

  7 faults were located - including the 2 previously found by the ‘ground contact’ system. All of these were confirmed by excavation and subsequently repaired. A later ‘quick check’ survey indicated that the line was now in good condition throughout.